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So I've reached a new level of procrastination. Instead of studying for my finals, I have dug up my livejournal, which I have not updated in for several years, and decided to write in it. Wow. Words can not describe my disappointment in myself. However, since I have already embarked on this journey into laziness and studious incompetency, I might as well enjoy!

I have this huge ass Italian final at 7 in the morning tomorrow. I understand most of the vocabulary and such, however as far as sentence syntax and grammar though, I am thoroughly fucked. It's far too late to learn any of the structure, so my only choice is to do my best to memorize hints and such.

On top of that I've got my intro to digital media final later in the day. While I am not nearly as worried as I am for my Italian final, it's still a pain to know it's on the back burner. Long story short, I will not be getting much sleep tonight.

The good thing is once tomorrow is over, I'll basically be done with the worst of it. I've got another easy final on friday, then off to wrestle in the communist nation of Georgia on saturday. People on the team are talking about buying some bottles and throwing a party when we get back circa 2 or 3 in the morning, which sounds like a great idea until I think about the final I have on monday. That, and it's the last weekend of regular season fantasy football and I need to be in a sound state of mind if I want to win and make the playoffs, with the latter being totally more important to me.

For those of you that have read my LJ through the years, you'll notice one reoccurring theme: Corry. I don't want to leave my loyal LJ stalkers wanting, so I'll keep with theme by saying that I hung out with her last weekend, and it was a great time. I really hope I get to see her again soon, being that she is my best friend, very attractive, and brings out the best in me. Sappy? Yes, but not as sappy as my hormone driven raves about her in my previous posts. Don't believe me? Make like reading rainbow and don't take my word for it. Either way I don't give a shit, and either way I love her.
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Dude! How weird is it that I randomly dug up LJ too? You're the only update on my friend's page. And I dig Corry too. She's the shit.