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but its a sweet fuckin car

happy new year to all

the hollidays were very generous to me, I am now a official owner of a PS3.


yeah its consumed my soul just about, Its so friggen cool I cant stop messin around with it. I'm a pretty big playstation nut now. I was really into it a while ago but then stoped messin around with video games for awhile. Now i got a psp and ps3....all i wanna do is buy crap for it. not exactly the best thing to get back into but hey, moneys gotta go somewhere besides college right?

speaking of college I hope I get into uf.

im excited for next year already. I'm excited to start school and get out on my own. I'm excited to come back for the holidays and enjoy it like a normal person would (and not have to worry about making weight or working out everyday). I'm excited to come to a wrestling match and just watch for a change, instead of being out there.

but I really cant complain about wrestling much either. the season has been flying by so fast and I have been doin awesome, I cant wait for states.

school starts back again on wednesday. not that I care anyway, during wrestling season i dont even believe in school work. drop me a comment with your schedual if you got it, I got gov and econ honors first, AP english second, chem honors third, and wrestling fourth.

im out, gonna worship the playstation

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