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we speak in different voices

Let me start thing off by saying this post is in reference to a time period in my life that is happy, joyous, blessed, and one of the best i have had in my life.


hard to live up to that but lets see if i can do it.....

first off I won class clown for senior sepurlatives, which is awesome. however I was more happy that me and corry got nominated for cutest couple. we didnt win but it was still a big deal and we were both happy knowing many of you agree that we are pretty friggen cute...I mean come on.....its stephen and corry, haha. I also got put up for senior of the month which is a very big accomplishment to me, im pretty stoaked to say the least.....

got accpeted into ucf, hell yes. If i dont make it into UF, at least i have a home in orlando where I must admit would have no problem going to, I really do like that school alot.

wrestling. thats been my life. I havent been writing in here about it because I've got a training log to record my adventures through the harsh and unforgiving season (overdramatic, yes) but it has been going well to say the least. I'm still undefeated, won two tournaments, and am currently ranked number 1 the state. Yet another thing that really tickles my pickel.

this is all covered with whip cream and a cherry by the fact that christmas is just around the corner, and I am very excited to just get through this last full week of school and spend time with my family.

I'm mad happy right now, thats pretty much it in a nut shell
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