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I've seen the dead arise

wrestling season just started, last go around for me. Its been weird getting back into it, it came on me so fast i dont think i was ready for it, i just got up the first day and went to practice almost like i never took a break. Its not necessarily a bad thing.....pre-season classic is already here and I have to admit I am in the nest shape I have ever been in at this point in the season.

I dont think it will be that hard for me this year, not only am I so much more confident now then ever but I am more willing to put the work in simply because its so easy and familiar with me now

after doing it for the past four years thats about all you really can do with the work, its just grows on yo. becomes a part of your life.

I'm gonna plow through everyone this year.

Instead of being worried of tough matches coming up I find myself utterly excited for them.

the only idea that hasnt hit me yet is gettin back into cutting weight. I'm not that far off, usually eight pounds over 119 after practices and I havent exactly been dieting. the pre-season classic will help me with that this friday I think, I'll drop to 125 and take it step by step.

its that time of the year. the time where I stow my life away for four months so I can take up the arms and go to war.

see you guys in february

its wrestling season
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