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summer has really been flyin by, and sadly I have only been able to catch some glimpses of all of you through out the past two and a half months. however I shall fill you in on my life with something I have always wanted to do......VIA AN FAQ!!!

1.) hows your summer been?
A.) my summer has been awesome, just got back from sounds of the underground with my good friend john and warped tour with corry. besides that just rackin up the cash at the beach lifegaurdin

2.) you still goin out with that one girl?
A.) yes, my and corry are still goin out

3.) hows wrestling?
A.) wrestling is over for the summer, went to a national tournament in virginia beach and did fair. also went to a week long camp in deland, I have gotten much better

4.) when are we gonna chill?
A.) I work fridays, saturdays, and sundays till 5 so I can hang whenever. all anyone has to do is call, my new number is 237-4312.

5.)is it true that you kicked a small dwarfish man in the stomach recently?
A.) ha! no

6.) if the oppertunity presented itself, would you kick a small dwarfish man in the stomach?
A.) sadly yes

anymore questions just comment

much love~

P.S. new underoath killed your grandparents
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