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best week ever

VH1 should have me on their show cause this was one of the most memorable weeks i have ever had.

monday- first day of the homecoming week, had alot of testing but iwas cool cause i wore my pajamas all day. also shoved 13 marshmellows in my mouth to win the lunch game

tuesday- dressed up in my toga and had a blast at school, finished the day off by going to miami and seeing tito vs shamrock III. yes, it was kick ass

wednesday- the clan and i had the best bumm set up ever. stole a shopping cart and bummed around the entire school, won the dress up contest. insanity games that night and had the most fun there, we came in second,

thursday- super hero day, alot of good stuff happend but it seems i have forgotten in my jubilation

friday- corry and i had our TWO YEAR anniversary, gave each other gifts and basked in each others affection (wow that was mushy, but true). that night went out on the football feild for the court, turned out to be quite an experience. chilled with corry for the rest of the night

saturday- the dance. went to steak and shake tahn wal-mart to carry on our tradition which was fun as always. the dance was mass fun and after we got the key to alex's vacant, old house to hang out. needless to say it was a good time and afterwards corry slept over.

today- slept in late to recover from the week and then went to the every time i die and chidods concert with corry in orlando. after the rock show got out we just walked around downtown disney.

and now here I am, to happy to sleep. tomorrow we have off and the clan is getting together, not to mention we also have friday off. three day weekend this week, three day weekend next week.

with halloween around the corner, i dont know how much better things are gonna get~
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