steve-0 (godzilla91288) wrote,

blackula is in the house

so I hear your from outa town....wanna have a drink?

everythings great, my birthday was awhile ago and 18 feels great. havent taken advantage of the XTC super center or any of the other fruits of age, but that time will come. however I did manage to have the best week ever. The proceeding week my friends threw a surprise party for me which was great.....I got the best friends in the world. the week after everyone came over for another party, went to daytona to hang out and came back for the night. once again,

my friends are amazing.

Corry gave me the best gift however, droped like $300 bucks for my sorry ass. got me a PSP. I love her so much, shes the best. she really made everything 10X better.

Things are still getting better. friday is tomorrow and everyone is going to see jackass which is going to be sweet.

if anyone wants to love life with me call me up sometime so we can chill with my B-A friends and my hip PSP
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