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something isnt right, i see it in your face

and thats about it, please someone drop me some comments to prvoe LJ isnt a homicide victim~

me and my friends hung out on sunday, it was so sweet. We havent all chilled in god knows how long, but we had a good time. For all of you not informed, we have been making a short movie and were gonna get it on youtube for everyones viewing pleasure, I'll fill you in as it finishes. anywho we did some of the flick, then went to famous phillis, talked about college and what everyone is doing, I think mostly everyone is gonna try to go UF so its chill. We went to see Pulse which sucked but we were the only ones in there so we could goof off and do whatever, julius tried to light one of the seats on fire

school has been alright, I really do like my classes so I cant complain. My favoirte is debbs (AP english), just cause I learn so mch from there

first off been pickin up wrestling again, tryin to slowly get down to fightin weight. I am so pumped for this year....I want a state title so bad and I know its so close. My dad talked to the head coach at UCF and he told my dad I am one of the top recruited wrestlers in florida, my dad said he seemed surprised i would even consider wrestling in florida, and should go out of state. I guess thats cool, I'm gettin some exposure on that level which cant be to bad, right?

hey everyone, hows it goin? my life has benn pretty sweet lately
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