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diseased by information, plagued by what we know

wow its been so long since I cranked this baby up for some good ol' live journal madness. summer is here thank god, but sadly i havent had time to enjoy it. the first week i left for th keys with my dad, which wasnt as fun as it sounds. missed josh who i havent seen in 4 years which was very upsetting. however upon my return the clan and i rented broke back mountain and watched it a julius house.


but entertaining.

then I went off to wrestling camp. just came back today and let me tell you, I have never been so sore in my life. I pretty much beat eveyone there down, won the take down tournament and also took down this nine time AAU state champ 5 times, three of which in a row.

pretty funny cause he told everyone he could never be taken down........

anyway now I'm back with my beautiful girlfriend, all beat up (black eye included) with her here to take care of me. shes the best.

now I can finally sit back and enjoy the summer~
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