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scream the word that save us all.....

this is the start of the end for so many sacrifice, my pain, my dedication, my accomplishments, my joy...this is where it counts

I cant stop looking back at what seems like now, a brief second in time, but in reality has been more then four months of my life consumed by this all. I cant complain, I have done so much this year and gotten so much better, but this is where everything I have poured out of my essence and into this melting pot of commitment counts.

Its hard to fathom just what is on the line, one screw up in your match could send your entire season up in smoke. I would know, I have done it the past two years and nothing hurts more then watching everything you have worked for slowly fade along with the last seconds on the clock.

I don't want to feel that this year

I'm sick of failing, and the pain, and the hurt, and the let down.

this year is going to be different

I hope~
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