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so put your faith in modern steal

wow things have been flyin by, I cant keep up with this pace. Blink my eyes for a second and now here we are, rotary tournament is already here. I am so excited for this thing, maybe a little nervous, but the thought of snagging first at this tournament would as prestigious to me as anything, except a state title. As fast as everything has been going this is one of the things I have been looking forward to, and want to win so so bad.

If you guys have been keeping up, we have been kickin some serious ass. last week we pounded seabreeze and matanzas, and yesterday we murdered new smyrna. Everyone should come, either tomorrow or saturday to see and support us, we have been working so hard...


despite this whirlwind of events, I cant stop thinking about her in slow motion. At random times in the day I catch myself thinking about her and how shes got it tough right now.

baby I love you so much, I'm always here for.

I promise
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