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you better pull over and stop at staples so i can get a pencil and paper to write that down....

wow what a week

As you all know this week was the last week of school and now we are on Christmas break. Finals were ok I guess, pretty sure I got a C in math which is upsetting cause I haven’t had a C in about 6 years. Its ok I guess, I've been really focused on wrestling lately and that is pretty much the reason why this week was so overwhelming.

Wednesday was our dual meet against Lake Mary. We pretty much blew them out of the water, but I had a tuff kid who was a state qualifier and the team’s best kid. I was nervous the whole week thinking about it, and gave him more credit then what he was worth; I stuck him in the second period.

Friday and Saturday was the big one though, the Lyman Christmas tournament. All of the best Orlando teams were there like St. Cloud and Olympia, and we weren’t predicted to even place in the top 5. Plus there was a team from Oregon that was second in the state too, no one expected us to make any noise......

But we did, because we won the damn thing.

Everyone did so well, and I am proud of everyone there. It was a team effort, and it feels so good to know that everything is coming into place.

The other exciting thing is the fact that I won as well, and I am so happy that I did. I beat a kid from Oregon that was ranked number one in the state, and also the coach’s son. Funny thing is my dad didn’t tell me all of this until after the match because he didn’t want me to get nervous. He also didn’t tell me that my win is what would have made or break our first place about pressure lol

But we did it, I did. We rose above everyone else and I can’t wait till we can get our next chance to beat some more ass.

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